About our Cookies

The Real Effect is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors to our site and will not pass on or sell your personal information to third parties.

To better direct our business and fulfil the needs of our customers we may collect information from your account and monitor page viewing activity, such as, but not limited to weblogs, location data, traffic data and other communication data. This is a typical practice on most websites available today.

A cookie is a harmless piece of information stored on your computer by your web browser which tracks which pages you view and interact with. This is useful to us for refining what our users are interested in and can be found in most if not all websites on the internet. We only inform you we use them because UK law requires us to do so.

How can I change my stored information?

To change the data we keep about you, simply log in or click the account page at the top of this website.


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