Celebrate Easter in style here at The Real Effect

Besides spoiling yourself with scrumptious chocolate eggs and family feasts, flourish yourself with finely crafted jewellery. The beginning of spring has just begun; why not celebrate with some seasonal jewellery from The Real Effect?

Easter is a great time to embrace cute animals and bright colours or celebrate with religious meaning with some exquisite Christian Jewellery.

Easter is about exchanging gifts, chocolate and celebrating the festive season with your family and friends. Why not gift some sparkling jewellery from The Real Effect this Easter?

Cross Stud Earrings and matching Pendant

Add some Christian Jewellery to your Easter with these unforgettable cross stud earrings and pendant. These religious symbols are hand crafted with smooth sterling silver and beaming cubic zirconia stones.

Angel Necklace

Add some spiritual meaning with this spectacular outline angel; filled with round cut cubic zirconia stones. This beautiful necklace is a perfect representation of a meaningful celebration.

Flower Pendant and matching Earrings

Celebrate with our captivating flower pendant and matching earrings, filled with sparkling cubic zirconia stones for a blossoming look. Celebrating both Easter and the Spring season.

Realistic Flower Pendant

This realistic flower pendant is blossoming with smooth sterling silver metal and blossoming cubic zirconias. Celebrate easter with this pendant, celebrating the occasion as well as the Spring season.

OTT statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are now in! With every upcoming season, jewellery sizes, sparkle and texture become more and more bizarre. Stand out with some statement jewellery from The Real Effect and be inspired by our range.

What is a statement necklace?

A statement necklace is a large necklace with an excessive amount of beads, crystals or detailing and are made from a variety of materials and colours. Statement necklaces have become more and more fashionable. Statement necklaces have a way of telling us a story through their intricate, detailed designs.

Statement necklaces spark conversations. Statement necklaces are eye-catching because of their design and size. They’re really hard to miss. They are the finishing accessory to evening elegance. No other jewellery accessory is necessary.

The Real Effect statement jewellery is inspirational, affordable and high quality. We have listed our top 3 statement jewellery pieces below.

2017 Jewellery Spring Trends: Chokers

These jewellery pieces give us excitement and sparkle this season. Chokers are a huge fashion statement accessory from the last few months. Will this trend stay the same?

The Real Effect sterling silver choker is a very subtle yet sophisticated design with a chunky stone-set bar on a streamlined snake chain. This classical design stands out with the glittering cubic zirconia crystals; reflecting radiant light. This choker is simple for your casual days, and dressy for your special occasion days. This stylish and fashionable choker can be worn with anything. It is a finishing touch to any outfit; dressed up or down.

The Real Effect choker is not overpowering. The sterling silver snake chain represents a subtle design with a sparkling crystal bar to add some excitement and sparkle to the choker. This choker gives a complete glam look. The choker will go well with sophisticated and fashionable dresses. Wearing chokers with a more glamorous dress is, of course, possible. This sterling silver snake chain choker will match everything and anything.

2017 Spring Jewellery

Enter spring with a bold look and add some colours to your outfit. Whether you choose a sparkling pink, emerald, sapphire or ruby pick a shade for spring.

Our vibrant and colourful stud earrings are a perfect example of a perfect jewellery piece this Spring. The large pink cubic zirconia crystal with a shining stone-set outline give a bold spring colour, completing your spring outfit. Matching pendant is also available for a complete spring look.

Spring jewellery doesn’t have to include colour. A simple silver colour will do with an intricately detailed design; just like this realistic open flower pendant. This pretty and feminine sterling silver pendant with a realistic blossoming flower completes a spring outfit with the blossoming of the spring season.

St. Patricks day is a cultural and religious celebration which takes place on 17th March. This date is given as it is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick as well as celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

The celebration involves public parades and festivals, wearing of green and shamrocks. Christians attend church services. Eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for this day which encourages the holiday tradition of alcohol consumption

To symbolise St. Patricks day, it is tradition to dress or wear something green, which tends to be Shamrocks. In celebration of St. Patricks day, we are showcasing some of our emerald jewellery.

Our expertly selected St. Patricks Day jewellery are filled with emerald coloured cubic zirconia stones alongside clear cubic zirconia stones for a completely dazzled look.

To enter our competition all you have to do is fill in all the information below and write why your mother deserves this prize.



Postal Code

NOTE: The winner will be revealed on 23rd March so we are able to post the jewellery piece in time for Mothers Day. 

We will email the chosen winner to ask for address details. All information given is confidential.

Good luck everyone and Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is the celebration and honouring of the mother in the family. Mothers day is actually a Christian celebration dating back to the 16th century. Because the date is a Christian celebration, it is linked with Easter Sunday. Yummy.

We set aside this one particular day in the whole year just to celebrate how much we appreciate, respect and admire our mothers. Families search for new ways to make their mother feel extra special, and we are here to suggest some ways to do so.

We are going to give you a list of our Mothers Day inspired jewellery, at an affordable cost. Our high-quality jewellery would be the perfect gift for her to cherish for a lifetime.

In honour of all the mothers out there; we are giving you a chance to win your mother this spectacular jewellery piece with our Mothers Day Competition. For more information on how to enter, click the link at the end of the page. If the link is not shown this means the competition has been closed! 

So what exactly should you be buying for the women who has done and will do anything in the world for you? Flowers and cards are a great gift but you want to give her something she can cherish for a lifetime; something meaningful and memorable.

Our first item goes to our modern and classic aesthetic bracelet. This is an essential heart bracelet perfect as a sentimental gift for your mother to cherish for a lifetime. The classic design represents the love, respect and appreciation you have for your mother. This impeccable classic bracelet is handcrafted with lustrous sterling silver; a metal you cannot go wrong with.

Our second mothers day gift goes to our spectacular infinity ring. This ring is the definition of classical shapes and supreme rare configurations. The ring symbolises a friendship between you and your mother; as well as the unbreakable connection you both pursue. The ring is handcrafted with sterling silver bringing the flame and brilliance of the cubic zirconia crystals to life. This is another gift your mother can cherish for a lifetime. 

Third place goes to this exquisite teardrop halo pendant filled with glistening stone-sets dancing around a single teardrop cut cubic zirconia. The timelessly feminine sterling silver pendant and crystals reflect like radiant light. Celebrate your mother’s beauty, purity and sparkle with this spectacular pendant. A miraculous masterpiece your mother will cherish forever. 

Our fourth chosen pieces go to these matching heart pendant and stud earrings; handcrafted with sterling silver and glistening stone sets. This sweetly stylish set represents love and care. The classical set can be worn on a daily basis, allowing your mother to cherish the gift for a lifetime.

Marriage is a huge part of someone’s life. Marriage is a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. It is a beautiful, heartfelt part in someone’s life. We are here to help you choose the perfect jewellery to make your wedding day that little bit more special.

It is crucial that you choose the right jewellery for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and of course the family.

This is a guide to help to find the perfect jewellery for your wedding day at an affordable cost.

First off, the most the important; being the engagement rings. Finding the perfect engagement ring can be difficult; there are so many questions you have to consider beforehand such as; what colour band?, what material?, what colour stone?, what size stone?, what size?, what brand?, what band thickness?, what shape stone?, will she want to wear it on a daily basis? and the list goes on and on and on. Us women have to have everything perfect, unfortunately so all those questions need to be answered.

We are here, of course, to help! We will list 3 of our top engagement rings, explaining why.

Our number 1 engagement ring goes to our sophisticated sterling silver ring embossed with beautiful cubic zirconia crystals and a round cut cubic zirconia stone. This ring is the perfect example of the word ‘elegant’. This classy ring will make every bride stand out from the crowd, and who goes wrong with sterling silver? The sparkling cubic zirconia stones are a gift from god. They reflect light just as a diamond would. Your bride would never say no to this. Would you girls?

Our second chosen engagement ring goes to our double band ring centred with a radiant cubic zirconia and crystals on the shoulders. This ring is perfect for a woman that loves bling. The exotic rays of light from the cubic zirconia stones shine with elegance. The stunning oval cut cubic zirconia claw stone is a perfect size; filled with a spectacular crystal outline. You really couldn’t go wrong here.

Our third and final chosen engagement ring goes to this unique interlocking ring crafted with smooth sterling silver and elegantly placed; cubic zirconia crystals. (Pendant is also available if you fancy treating your women that little bit more) This ring is a symbol of a bond, connection and attraction between the two. The interlocking joints suggest the unbreakable bond. This unique ring is perfect for a woman who understands and appreciates meaningful gestures. This ring should be the chosen one.

So what’s next?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the groom, the best man and the bridesmaids.

Groom and the Best Man

The main thing a groom and the best man need on the big wedding day are cuff links. I cannot stress to you how important these are. Men do not often wear jewellery, so wearing the perfect cufflinks are a must.

Of course, depending on the colour suit the groom is wearing, we have 2 chosen cufflinks. One cylinder shape cufflink filled with beautiful stone-set and a rose gold plated centre and a simple rectangle sterling silver filled with shining stone-set cufflinks. Either way; you cannot go wrong with the rectangle sterling silver cuffs.


Bridesmaids jewellery always needs to be planned out. Different age groups call for different jewellery. Ages from 13 years and below, we introduce out spectacular animal & life collection. This collection brings excitement and delight on the child’s face.

We have chosen some jewellery pieces from our bridal collection for the bridesmaids. We have chosen some exotic pieces filled with glistening cubic zirconia crystals.

These phenomenal jewellery pieces are the perfect bridesmaid’s jewellery. The complex designs and sparkling cubic zirconia crystals complete the perfect elegant look.


We hope that you find our wedding blog useful and fascinated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You can contact us using our contact form or you can email us directly. Both options are offered below.

  • inforealeffect@gmail.com
  • http://therealeffect.co.uk/contact/


In addition to The Real Effect’s range of wondrous jewellery categories, some being:  Classic & Traditional, Bridal, Vibrant & Colourful, Animals & Life etc; The Real Effect is proud to announce their New Jewellery category. The new collection is the key answer to affordable, fashionable jewellery. Their influences and inspirations come from the most unexpected places.

About the Designs

The endless use of lustrous sterling silver and glistening cubic zirconia crystals are filled within their exquisite pendants and necklaces, elegant rings, unique bangles and spectacular earrings.


The Real Effect verifies the use of complex, geometric, symmetrical profiles of their jewellery. With blends of classical shapes to supreme rare configurations.

Cubic Zirconia

New Jewellery – Top Picks


1. This array of sterling silver jewellery is made to never be taken off. This realistic flower pendant is light, fascinating and eye catching. The Real Effect flower pendant is the definition of a spectacular piece of jewellery, that has a peculiar effect.

2. Below is the gorgeous 8 pendant filled with elegant cubic zirconia crystals, hand finished with an eclipsing echoing sterling silver oval outline bringing the flame and brilliance of the cubic zirconia crystals to life. This pendant is the definition of a blend of classical shapes and supreme rare configurations. You would want to be seen with this on.

3. A beautiful halo necklace, embellished with round and diamond cut cubic zirconia stones. This timelessly feminine necklace is crafted with The Real Effect’s finest 925 sterling silver. Attract attention with this gorgeous piece for evening elegance.

4. The celebrated collection brings this serene flower necklace and leaf halo earrings with an exquisite union of 925 sterling silver and elegant cubic zirconia crystals. These matching jewellery pieces are a prime example of eternity, beauty and purity. Seemingly endless alignment of delightful diamond and round cut cubic zirconia claw stones.

5. The Real Effect made sure they hadn’t forgotten about the modern and classic aesthetics. They have introduced an essential lovable heart bracelet. Perfect as a sentimental gift to cherish for a lifetime displaying love, commitment, and loyalty. An impeccable classic jewellery piece constructed with sheen sterling silver.

The Real Effect timeless jewellery pieces immediately address the need for a modern woman. The new collection would fulfill every women’s outfit. The Real Effect has concentrated on what the modern women seek to wear. Their new collection is alluring, rare, luxurious and lavish.

Why not treat your valentine?

February 14th represents “honour of St. Valentines, as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection”. Lots of couples, madly in love celebrate this day, spending time with one another, exchanging gifts. There is nothing better than making the one you love, smile on such a beautiful occasion. 


Fun Fact:

In the ancient times, people believed that the third finger on the left hand had a special vain, known as the ‘vain of love’ which ran straight to the heart. Hence the reason why engagement and wedding rings are worn on this specific finger.

The Real Effects Valentines Day Gift Guide

1) From jewellery legends the REAL EFFECT, this glistening heart ring in sterling silver is an elegant, beautiful symbol of love. The gleaming cubic zirconia and fine sterling silver makes it perfect to wear with any outfit. Comes with the REAL EFFECT’s brand packaging and is priced from £35

2) The REAL EFFECT has developed a stunning design called the “3D heart cage”. This necklace is crafted from sterling silver and a reflecting cubic zirconia stone. Comes with the REAL EFFECT’s brand packaging and is priced from £70.

3) This elegant bangle ring and bracelet in rose gold is a perfect gift for a stylish women. The stunning stone-set heart design is a beautiful gift to symbolise love. Comes with the REAL EFFECT’s brand packaging and is priced from £55 each.

4) Stay close to her heart this valentines day with this glistening sterling silver, cubic zirconia heart pendant, wrapped with a beautiful hand finished gold plated ribbon. The pendant symbolises love and security. Make her heart melt this valentines. Comes with the REAL EFFECT’s brand packaging and is priced from £50.

5) Our fifth and final favourite valentines gift goes to our simple yet classic lovable heart outline pendant. Declare your love this valentines with the REAL EFFECT’s classical heart pendant. 

People often get confused with ‘The Real Effect’. We are not a retailer, we are a wholesaler. This means we cannot sell directly to the public, however many jewellers such as T.H. Baker and The Jewel Hut purchase our jewellery to sell to you.

So what’s this blog for? I have created this blog to give you access to purchasing some of our jewellery with our online available retailers with a brief description on how loyal and perfect these retailers are.

T.H. Baker

First up is T.H. Baker. T.H. Baker is a family-owned business which was founded in 1888. It has since then established itself as a leading independent jeweller whilst still remaining in the family trade. Since 1888, T.H. Baker now has a network of popular stores across the UK region.

Why should you shop here? Well why not?

T.H. Baker is an expanding company, selling some excellent brands such as Gucci, Fossil, Breitling and of course The Real Effect.

T.H. Baker Shopfront (Brighton Churchill Shopping Centre)

Some of our jewellery pieces are currently on sale at T.H. Baker so take a look, plus free delivery. Check it out.

The Jewel Hut

The Jewel Hut is another loyal retailer of ours. The Jewel Hut is a dedicated online jewellery store offering excellent brand such as Diesel, Michael Kors, Pandora and of course not forgetting The Real Effect!

Why shop here? The Jewel hut has grown into one of the largest online jewellery plus they stock our jewellery so why not? 🙂

The Jewel Hut Website

Here are some of our jewellery available on The Jewel Hut site. With some items on sale and free delivery on orders over £10.

The Jewel Hut is also available on several social networking platforms. Follow their twitter account by clicking the link below!

Gus Jones

Our third top retailer goes to Gus Jones. Gus Jones is an independent family run Welsh Jewellers. Gus Jones stocks several brand names such as Casio, Sekonda and of course The Real Effect. Their website allows access to purchase out jewellery online.

Why shop here? Gus Jones is a very dependable retailer of ours. Their company has grown, opening several branches across South Wales. And of course… I’m pretty sure you can guess the other reason.

Gus Jones (Frogmore St, Abergavenny)

Here are some of our jewellery that are available on the Gus Jones website. Click on the ‘Shop Now’ button above or click here to find out more.

Gus Jones are also available on social media. Follow using the twitter logo below.

Congratulations to her majesty the queen on her . To celebrate we are giving you a chance to win a piece of our jewellery. Find out more here: The Real Effect or continue reading to the bottom of the page.

Sapphire Jubilee and Prize


The queen has made history as she reaches the sapphire jubilee after 65 years. February 6th is the anniversary of the day she became queen. A range of specially designed sapphire jubilee items are presented to mark the 65th anniversary. Royal Mail issues a sapphire blue £5 stamp as well as commemorative coins.

At the age of just 25 years old, Elizabeth II became Britians Queen. This came into place upon the death of her beloved fathers on February 6 1952.

Commemorative Coin:

The new solid silver proof £5 coin has been release exclusively to represent 65 years of the Queens reigns. These £5 coins are available worldwide, complete with a luxury presentation case and certificate. These £5 coins are selling from a whopping £415 with some available from £13.


So about our competition. All you have to do is like our Facebook page, like, comment and share the competition post, for your chance to win this spectacular sapphire cubic zirconia pendant filled with glistening stone-sets.

Click here to enter: The Real Effect

Competition winner will be revealed 9th February at 16:30!

Good Luck!