Our New Jewellery

In addition to The Real Effect’s range of wondrous jewellery categories, some being:  Classic & Traditional, Bridal, Vibrant & Colourful, Animals & Life etc; The Real Effect is proud to announce their New Jewellery category. The new collection is the key answer to affordable, fashionable jewellery. Their influences and inspirations come from the most unexpected places.

About the Designs

The endless use of lustrous sterling silver and glistening cubic zirconia crystals are filled within their exquisite pendants and necklaces, elegant rings, unique bangles and spectacular earrings.


The Real Effect verifies the use of complex, geometric, symmetrical profiles of their jewellery. With blends of classical shapes to supreme rare configurations.

Cubic Zirconia

New Jewellery – Top Picks


1. This array of sterling silver jewellery is made to never be taken off. This realistic flower pendant is light, fascinating and eye catching. The Real Effect flower pendant is the definition of a spectacular piece of jewellery, that has a peculiar effect.

2. Below is the gorgeous 8 pendant filled with elegant cubic zirconia crystals, hand finished with an eclipsing echoing sterling silver oval outline bringing the flame and brilliance of the cubic zirconia crystals to life. This pendant is the definition of a blend of classical shapes and supreme rare configurations. You would want to be seen with this on.

3. A beautiful halo necklace, embellished with round and diamond cut cubic zirconia stones. This timelessly feminine necklace is crafted with The Real Effect’s finest 925 sterling silver. Attract attention with this gorgeous piece for evening elegance.

4. The celebrated collection brings this serene flower necklace and leaf halo earrings with an exquisite union of 925 sterling silver and elegant cubic zirconia crystals. These matching jewellery pieces are a prime example of eternity, beauty and purity. Seemingly endless alignment of delightful diamond and round cut cubic zirconia claw stones.

5. The Real Effect made sure they hadn’t forgotten about the modern and classic aesthetics. They have introduced an essential lovable heart bracelet. Perfect as a sentimental gift to cherish for a lifetime displaying love, commitment, and loyalty. An impeccable classic jewellery piece constructed with sheen sterling silver.

The Real Effect timeless jewellery pieces immediately address the need for a modern woman. The new collection would fulfill every women’s outfit. The Real Effect has concentrated on what the modern women seek to wear. Their new collection is alluring, rare, luxurious and lavish.

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